Dishwash Liquid

Scrubby Dishwash Liquid is the perfect choice to fight against tough grease. Just few drops is all it takes to keep your entire set of dishes sparkling clean.

  • 250 ml
    ₹ 45
  • 500 ml
    ₹ 89
  • 1000 ml
    ₹ 169

Dishwash Round

Scrubby Dishwash Round gives your dishes assured cleaning. Its special formula ensures it lasts long and helps fight tough grease to leave your dishes sparkling.

  • 250 gms
    ₹ 29
  • 500 gms
    ₹ 49

Dishwash Cake

Scrubby Dishwash Cake keeps your utensils sparkling clean. Its special formula helps remove tough grease from your dishes.

  • 75 gms
    ₹ 5
  • 140 gms
    ₹ 10


Scrubby Stainless steel Scrubber which not only used in kitchens, but also in industries, and they can remove the oily and dirty stains without hurting hands. High quality grade 1 stainless steel to withstand breakage under normal usage and provide durability and corrosion resistance from exposure to hot water, detergents and normal cleaning liquids

  • 1 Pack
    ₹ 22

Refill Pack

Scrubby Dishwash Liquid Gel deep cleans the utensils and does not leave any white residue. One spoon of Scrubby Dishwash Gel is enough to clean one sink-full of dirty utensils with a superior fragrance that lasts long after rinsing utensils which is safe on hands.

  • 1 pack
    ₹ 15